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Where are you on the journey?

Early / Mid-Career

This is a great stage for growth. Maybe you’re growing your career, a family, a business.

Either way, you’re likely growing a list of financial goals for you and your loved ones!


Late Career

You may be contemplating a traditional retirement or simply shifting to a different type of work.

Regardless, you’ll need to think about how to pay for your future lifestyle.



You may have decided to stop working entirely or simply slow down, take a part-time gig.

Either way, you want to maximize the power of your investments to fund your lifestyle.

Williams Wealth Management

To Service

At Williams Wealth Management, our mission is to help simplify your decisions in respect to budget, investing, insurance and estate planning plus more.
Perhaps you feel the responsibility to manage your funds prudently—but you’re not sure how to go about it. We can work with you to provide the knowledge and advocacy that can help you succeed.
On the contrary, perhaps you’re fairly astute and have some experience with the financial markets. We offer our counsel as advisors, allowing you to delegate time-consuming research and administration.
We want to encourage you to think big about the possibilities for your life.
We want to encourage you to think big about the possibilities for your life.

Latest Insights

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Win the Game

Growing wealth and solidifying wealth require different mindsets and different strategies. Which playbook should you be running?

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Investing can be an emotional rollercoaster. Let’s help make it a more enjoyable ride so you’re better able to achieve…

Williams Wealth Management

Our Services

We are here to support you and all that matters in your life. Here are the ways we can help:

Career Independence

Whether you’re planning for retirement or just a career shift, establish financial strategies to help you gain freedom.

Education Planning

Help prepare your children for their success.

Cash Flow Planning

If needed, rethink how you spend and save.


Understand and delegate the details.

Estate Planning Strategies

Leave a great impact.

Insurance Planning

Help protect the ones you love.

Williams Wealth Management

Our Team

Jeremy Strickler, CFP®

Portfolio Manager

I was born and raised in southwestern Pennsylvania. My parents were schoolteachers, and we lived an independent life in the Appalachian hills, growing our own food and building our own house. We lived by our hard work and skills, very much outside the financial system.

Brandon Cabaniss, CFP®

Financial Advisor

Brandon Cabaniss is a wife, mother and business owner. She enjoys helping individuals and families plan and reach their life goals by leveraging their financial resources. She started her career in finance even before graduating from the College of Charleston in 1998.

Michael Giordano, CFP®

Financial Advisor

Michael started investing as a teenager. He bought stocks with money earned mowing lawns and delivering newspapers. After college, Michael became a television broadcaster, where he learned the value of simplifying complex information in a clear and concise way.

Rachel Poole

Client Service Associate

Rachel has been working in the financial services industry since 1992, starting out answering the phones and learning the operational side. She spent 20 years with Raymond James as a Service Associate and doing several operational duties.

Ready to start planning for your next life goal?