Fed’s Biggest Hike since Y2K

The Federal Reserve today hiked rates by 0.5%, it’s largest hike since 2000. But, they also offered a glimmer of hope for investors.

Money Is (More) Scarce

The early part of 2022 has given us declines in both stocks and bonds. That is happening because we are a in a credit contraction.

Watch Your Speed, Don’t Lose Your Mind

If you’re watching the financial news, there are factors in the economy and markets that could give you the willies. From our standpoint as investors, preparing for volatility also means being ready for opportunities that emerge as the world changes and the markets react.

Rethinking the Great Resignation

There’s been so much talk about the “Great Resignation” of people either changing careers or leaving the workforce entirely. Here’s how to make that transition a success.

Talking Inflation on WSPA-TV

The persistent increase in inflation is concerning to many people. Financial Advisor Mike Giordano was live on WSPA-TV to talk about the causes of today’s inflation and how to best handle rising prices.

March 2-Minute Market Drill

We have major storylines the markets are working through. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, fed rate hikes and on-going inflation concerns especially in the energy and commodities sectors.

Navigating Today’s Uncertainty

Investing most always requires working through uncertainty. But, we’re getting an extra dose right now with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Let’s use history as a guide for navigating this moment.