Want ways to grow your legacy?

Want ways to grow your legacy? We’re talking about more efficient ways to transfer your wealth in this week’s segment of Mike on the Money on WYFF News 4.

Giving Your Adult Children a Financial Boost

It’s no secret, young professionals have a lot of financial challenges these days—difficulty buying homes, cars, paying off student debt, starting a family amid higher inflation. In this week’s segment, we talk about financial ways parents can help their adult children.

Do More Of That

That is my phrase for 2024 “Do more of that!” And by “that” I mean what feels good, what is working. In order to know what feels good and what is working, you have to notice.

Good Credit Key To Acheiving Goals

Why good credit is so important for achieving your financial goals. Watch this week’s segment of Mike on the Money for ways to boost your score.

Tax-Advantaged Charitable Giving

In this clip, we discuss some strategies for donating both cash and stock. If you’re charitably inclined and looking for the best ways to donate, give this video a watch.

Talk Money Day: How to Have Impactful Conversations

Money Talk Day – how to have impactful conversations with your loved ones. And why it may be helpful to get started on some New Year’s resolutions today. Catch this week’s segment of Mike on the Money on WYFF News 4.

Developing New Ideas At FutureProof

Our team is committed to developing new ideas, new ways to serve our clients. So we went out West in search of….no, not gold…but golden nuggets of knowledge. We found plenty at an evolutionary wealth festival called FutureProof.