Say “YES”

So, 4 days before the final, I bought a plane ticket and a seat to the US Open. I debated only an hour or so. I shouldn’t spend the money, I shouldn’t take the time away from all my duties, shouldn’t shouldn’t shouldn’t. But I did.
Even in a rough market. Even in a recession. Even with gas prices and travel costs at a high.

How Do You Prepare For Change

Early August is always an emotional time for me. I don’t know if it is the
suffocating heat and fluctuating barometric pressure, or the shortening days
signaling the end to the lazier ways of summer, but I tend to feel a little down and
fatigued this time of year.

Evolution of Retirement

We don’t just suddenly change. We evolve. The typical financial planning projections focus on retirement as a one off occurrence in our lives. One day we are gainfully employed, the next day we are sleeping in, having lunch at home and playing golf.

Celebrating One Year of Independence!

We want to take this opportunity to thank our clients for your support as our firm embarked on an independent path this past year. One year ago, we transitioned our business from a broker-dealer to become an independent investment advisory firm affiliated with a Registered Investment Advisor.

Where It All Began

I got my first job after college by going to the job fair my senior year. I talked to the guy in the best suit, and he worked for MassMutual. Geno became my first professional mentor and a friend. He talked about financial planning and investing. Helping people make good decisions made sense to me.