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I grew up south of Pittsburgh in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. I’m the oldest of 5 children. My parents built their own house and gardened. We did everything ourselves. Independence is a value I came by honestly- it’s in my genetics. I visited Greenville, SC every year as a child because my grandparents lived here. I attended school here and studied liberal arts and religion. Later after I became a financial advisor, I earned the CFP ® designation in 2005. I’ve been a financial advisor my entire career since I was 21 years old, at Mass Mutual, at Raymond James, as an independent with Wells Fargo, and finally as a fiduciary advisor and Portfolio Manager through Advisory Services Network. I’ve been through the dot com bubble and the Great Recession and Covid. That’s one way I know my team is tough and smart. We’ve been tested. My favorite thing in life is to be with my family. I have two older children, Caedmon, 14 and Mir, 10. My wife Ema and I just welcomed our first child, Mylo. We love to travel together and meet new people, see beautiful places and try interesting food. I’m working hard for our clients and for my family’s opportunities. I want us to have a great home life and expand our understanding of the world around us. I want my kids to be curious and brave. Independence, curiosity, courage, wholehearted participation, resilience. These are my values.

I grew up in Macon, GA, the music capital of the south IMO. I have always had a love for live music and jam bands because of this experience. I chose College of Charleston because of my love for the coast, arts, and southern culture.

Even though I love the arts, I chose to major in business because my father was a business owner and my grandmother taught me about investing and personal finance. I interned with a brokerage firm my senior year and that led me to the financial capital of Charlotte post-college to start my career in Finance.

I have worked in operations and client service so I understand that service and back-office administration are so important to the client experience. Financial planning and developing a personal strategy are the focus of my work. Of course connecting to and understanding client’s needs are my first priority. I love wellness and believe in mindfulness and a work/life balance.

I’ve always loved creating—music, videos, even a children’s book about my mother-in-law’s lovable little chihuahua (still a work-in-progress).

But, creating memories is the best! My wife, Malisa, and I have more than our fair share these days. Thanks to our little baby Ruthi, precious moments now include either spaghetti-stained shirts or avocado-greased hair. And, apparently, we love those moments so much, we decided to give Ruthi a little brother to show her wild ways! He’ll arrive this winter.

In a former life professionally, I created television stories. Now, I create opportunities for bold, new adventures. I love the work we do because it has the ability to expand the possibilities for one’s life. And, if I can help create that belief in others, I will have created a successful life for myself as well!

I have been working in the financial services industry since 1992, starting out answering the phones and learning the operational side. I spent 20 years with Raymond James as a Service Associate and doing several operational duties. I then became a part of Williams Wealth Management team in  2003, as a Service Associate and Operations Manager. My organizational skills help keep the team on track with complete and speedy service.

I am so blessed to have two children,  Tori and Zach. They were adopted from Russia in 2004 and have grown up into wonderfully funny, creative and hardworking young adults.  I am so proud to be their mom. I enjoy traveling, scrapbooking and reading as well as spending time with my black lab, Dixie.

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