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Our Mission

At Williams Wealth Management, our mission is to help simplify your decisions in respect to
budget, investing, insurance and estate planning plus more. Perhaps you feel the responsibility
to manage your funds prudently—but you’re not sure how to go about it. We can work with you
to provide the knowledge and advocacy that can help you succeed.

On the contrary, perhaps you’re fairly astute and have some experience with the financial
markets. We offer our counsel as advisors, allowing you to delegate time-consuming research
and administration.


Our Story

Williams Wealth Management was formed in 2003 as we purchased former colleague Gordon Williams’s practice and named our new organization in his memory. Our managing partner, Jeremy Strickler, and Operations Manager, Rachel Poole, remain from that original team. 

Brandon Cabaniss, Financial Advisor, joined the team in 2005, as an advisor and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, with a focus on retirement, estate and special needs planning strategies. 

Financial Advisor Mike Giordano joined us from Morgan Stanley in 2016 after he transitioned from a successful broadcasting career. Mike completed his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation in 2018.

The WWM team has been working together for 14 years, allowing us to provide experienced advice and quick service to our clients. 

Jeremy Strickler, CFP®
Managing Partner

I was born and raised in southwestern Pennsylvania. My parents were schoolteachers, and we lived an independent life in the Appalachian hills, growing our own food and building our own house. We lived by our hard work and skills, very much outside the financial system. I attended Bob Jones University starting at age 17. My parents met there, and my maternal grandparents met there—a family heritage. That’s how I came to Greenville, and I stayed here after university to build my career and raise a family. I studied rhetoric and religion—how to think and live and how to communicate with people. [read more]

I was hired by MassMutual right out of college, excited to have a career that would teach me about the financial system. In 2000, I became a financial advisor at Raymond James, and I became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional in 2005. Throughout my career, I had an independent mind, and I wanted to have an independent practice, a goal we realized in 2015 when we formed Williams Wealth Management as a standalone business.

My children, Caedmon and Mir and my partner, Ema are the meaning of my life. My people are my home and the motive behind my work. My most important job is teaching my children how to be strong and whole, how to have integrity and to form judgment, how to be happy and how to bear responsibility, how to love their family and the world they live in.

I like to travel. I like to ski. I want good conversation, good food, good company. I read constantly. I’m hungry to expand my ideas and experience of the world. I want to see something beautiful wherever I go, whether that’s the constructed world of cities, art and fashion, or the ambivalence of the tides, the last steps of a climb to the top of a mountain, a better view. Many things about life are difficult and confusing. But the world is full of magic too.

Brandon Cabaniss, CFP®
Financial Advisor

Brandon Cabaniss is a wife, mother and business owner. She enjoys helping individuals and families plan and reach their life goals by leveraging their financial resources. She started her career in finance even before graduating from the College of Charleston in 1998. What began as seminar planning and cold calling quickly propelled her to Charlotte, NC where she worked in operations at Smith Barney. After learning the back office, she moved to be client-facing as a registered sales assistant. [read more]

Her focus on investment planning led her to study for the CFP ® exam and she entered the Raymond James financial advisor training program in 2006. She and Jeremy Strickler joined forces with The Williams Group, now known as Williams Wealth Management and here we are today. Her passion and focus lie on goal planning for clients. She loves to implement a strategy!

Brandon is very active and loves to run, ski, play tennis and practice yoga. She believes her personal life and professional life are interwoven. She believes “Health is Wealth” and creates events and shares articles marrying her two worlds. She has two active daughters and her husband, Chad, is an engineer with BMW MC. They have lived overseas twice and still love travel, live music and good food.[/read]

Michael Giordano, CFP®
Financial Advisor

Michael started investing as a teenager. He bought stocks with money earned mowing lawns and delivering newspapers. After college, Michael became a television broadcaster, where he learned the value of simplifying complex information in a clear and concise way. He believes financial advice needs to be delivered in a similar fashion.

Michael is a financial advisor who’s also earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM designation. He started his career at Morgan Stanley before joining Williams Wealth Management in 2016. He believes making sound financial decisions helps unleash a person’s full potential. Michael lives with his wife, Malisa, in Simpsonville. You can find him out-and-about strumming his guitar at local open mics!

Rachel Poole
Client Service Associate

Rachel has been working in the financial services industry since 1992, starting out answering the phones and learning the operational side. She spent 20 years with Raymond James as a Service Associate and doing several operational duties. She has been a part of Williams Wealth Management since 2003, as a Service Associate and Operations Manager. Rachel’s organizational skills help keep the team on track and her operational knowledge helps provide complete and speedy service.

Rachel feels blessed with two children, Tori, age 18, and Zach, age 15—both adopted from Russia in 2004. They are very creative and smart kids. She enjoys traveling, scrapbooking and reading as well as spending time with her black lab, Dixie.