Brandon Cabaniss, CFP®

Celebrating one year of Independence!


We want to take this opportunity to thank our clients for your support as our firm embarked on an independent path this past year. One year ago, we transitioned our business from a broker-dealer to become an independent investment advisory firm affiliated with a Registered Investment Advisor. This means we are fee-only and we can now speak to our fiduciary duties as Certified Financial Planners ® to act in our client’s best interest, always, even though we have been held to that standard of duty and care our entire careers. We have been able to build our own technology stack, provide a multi-custodial approach, get creative with our marketing and messaging to the public and offer fee based financial planning services. We appreciate that our clients have remained with us during this time of change and learned the new platforms along with us. We believe the business we are building offers us flexibility and improvements in how we serve clientele.


We are a sum of our parts. As a team of four, we each bring unique skills to the table. We have proven to be a very strong unit. We truly feel like family.


Jeremy Strickler fought for years to create an independent culture and improve operations, our experience as advisors and ultimately the client experience. He leads us with confidence, courage and compassion. As we planned the transition, he offered each one of us a voice and a choice in the decision-making process. He is extremely knowledgeable about the world economy, markets, and portfolio construction as it relates to client’s planning needs. He believes it is our job to know, understand and often interpret the never-ending stream of information coming our way every day. As you know from his valuable insights and discussions with each of you, this knowledge goes into portfolio construction and risk management. Jeremy exemplifies true leadership. “Good leadership is not about advancing yourself; it’s about advancing your team.” – John C Maxwell


Rachel Poole has been managing operations and administration for over two decades. We call her our “Director of First Impressions”, “The Glue” and the “Gatekeeper”. She is incredibly kind and serves our clients with great care. She is always there to anticipate, often prevent and fix any issues that arise. She serves with sincerity and integrity and supports each advisor on the team so we can better serve you.


Mike Giordano is very excited to have a platform to speak and engage the public on financial topics. His background in news broadcasting contributes to his skills on camera. You can see his insights every Wednesday evening on WYFF News 4. He communicates about markets and investing in a way that clients and listeners can understand through storytelling and analogy. He helped our firm brand “Be Bold, Love Your Life” and develop our strong mission to connect money with meaning. He has always had the philosophy that money means very little if you don’t use it to better yourself, your loved ones and your community. His insights “Mike on the Markets” and team contributions for investment ideas, financial planning and marketing have proven invaluable. We are grateful to have such a talented advisor on our team.


I am personally excited to offer fee for planning services. I developed Wealth Builders, a model for serving clients that need financial planning advice and a goals-based savings plan. Many are in a transition phase and need proper guidance to get on track. I am also currently studying for the CDFA certification, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, to guide individuals financially at varying stages of the divorce process. I have developed resources for those in the caregiving role and have that important knowledge to support and share. I am a health and well-being advocate and emphasize financial health in my service to clients.


Our team went through a due diligence process when planning our transition. We chose our affiliate firm, Advisory Services Network, and we have been extremely pleased with their operations and compliance services. They provide direct, personal and timely support and response to our operational needs so that we can serve you even better.


We are all very energized about our work on your behalf. We are here to navigate the markets and life with you. Thank you for your loyalty.



Brandon R. Cabaniss, CFP ®

Private Wealth Manager