Mike Giordano



Oh, to have it all. And to have it all mean something. Yeah, who amongst us doesn’t want to have it all? I can’t say that I’m immune from that urge. Every time I get online, scroll social media or turn on the television, I’m bombarded with enticing messages about a product or service that will complete me. Something I’ve got to have. Something that will take my life to the next level.

That’s just it. We often associate abundance with greed. I need another car, another house, another European vacation. I want a new diamond necklace, a new wardrobe, a new closet to house all of it. More, more, more. More material abundance. But, this kind of abundance often gives us short spurts of excitement, value and meaning. Just as quickly the excitement fades into emptiness and the cycle starts all over on the next must-have item or experience.

Then, there’s something I call meaningful abundance, tied to your core values. Something that feels lasting and fulfilling — that better connects us to the people we love or causes we passionately support. Can you ever have too many quality conversations? Too many quality relationships? Too many moments that leave you feeling energized and excited? Can you ever spend too much time with the people you truly love? Can you ever spend too much time on the electrifying ideas bouncing around in your brain that keep you up at night, then dreaming during the day? Can you ever give too much to the causes that run deep inside you? 

That’s meaningful abundance. That’s truly what we should find ourselves seeking. That’s the good stuff that we should always want in great supply.

The best part — it’s easily sharable. A good conversation for you is usually a good conversation for the others involved. A good relationship is mutually beneficial and powerful ideas can spread rapidly, transforming the world.

So be bold. Love your life. And have it all. Have a life of meaningful abundance. Then have some more. And some more after that. Your joy will be your gift for all to receive.

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