Mike Giordano

There’s a famous song by the Rolling Stones that goes like this, “Time is on my side, yes it is.” Or actually, it’s more like this, “t-iiii-iiii-ii-iiii-mmme is on my side.” If you’ve never heard it, give it a listen. But, here’s a warning: You may get Mick Jagger’s iconic voice stuck in your head! With that, let’s go get time on your side!

Time really is our most precious asset. It just keeps ticking. Well, I hope to make the best of use of your next minute or so.

There’s been so much talk about the “Great Resignation” where people of all ages have had a career rethink, either changed jobs or left the workforce entirely. It reminded me of a story I read a few months back about a successful money manager who at the age of just 44–yeah 44–decided to quit his job so he could travel the country with his wife and 3 children. He wanted to watch his oldest play in her high school lacrosse tournaments.

The man joked he wants to spend more time with his children while they “still like me!”
He chalked up his new perspective in part on the pandemic, spending countless hours at home, thinking about what the future holds. He said he knows he’ll go back to work at some point, but felt now was as good a time as any to take a step back from corporate life. He said he realizes how fortunate he is to be financially able make this move.

And, we believe that’s the real power of money. It’s not something to be idolized, but to be used as a resource so you can spend your time as you please.

The key point here is regardless of where each of us is today financially, if we make more intentional decisions with our money–how we spend it, how we save it, how we invest it– we can potentially have better options with how we spend our time.

How’d I do? What this past minute worth your time? I sure hope so! As always, feel free to share your story with us.