Brandon Cabaniss, CFP®

Say “Yes”

Recently, I found myself with a strong desire to attend the US Open Men’s final championship in Flushing, NY…like days before. I had followed this tennis tournament very closely this year. Normally, I skip the early matches and save up to watch the “greats” in the final itself – Serena, Nadal, Djokovic and other well-known names of the last two decades.

This year is different. Serena is evolving from her tennis career, moving on to focus on her family and venture capital. The Open was her last waltz. So, I made sure to watch her from the first televised match. She made it only two rounds, but it was like watching her in a final in that last open match. I hung on to every point. Well, I guess I was watching her final. Nadal, #2 made it only through round 3, beat by Tiafo (ranked #22) the American son of African immigrants, the underdog with amazing momentum. There was no lack of change up in this year’s Open, a changeover, a passing of the baton, if you will.

So, as I watched the Open from afar and kept up with all the matches, I began learning new names in professional tennis, young blood with amazing talent and interesting backgrounds but with the definite skill and drive to make it far. Any of the four that made it in the semifinal would make spectacular opponents to witness at play.

So, 4 days before the final, I bought a plane ticket and a seat to the US Open. I debated only an hour or so. I shouldn’t spend the money, I shouldn’t take the time away from all my duties,  shouldn’t shouldn’t shouldn’t. But I did.

Even in a rough market. Even in a recession. Even with gas prices and travel costs at a high.

Sitting in the nose bleeds, I still had an incredible view of the court, the energy was palpable, and fans were thrilled to witness history. And I was proud of myself for doing what I wanted, for being spontaneous and for trusting my gut instinct when I was called to an experience.

What is life for but to connect to experiences and others in meaningful ways? Shouldn’t we all “live the good life” from time to time? And in doing so, don’t we inevitably learn to trust ourselves? We learn so much in the process and by treating ourselves we return to our people with renewed strength, care and focus.

I am blessed that my colleagues, friends, and family didn’t hinder the act. In fact, I don’t think I have ever had so much encouragement from others to “just do it”. I am grateful for that.

Our money is a means of exchange. Exchange for what we need but often for what we want. I work because I love to serve others and luckily, I also earn a few dollars. I plan and save for the future. I take care of those around me and show up. It is important that we have some measure and frugality to our choices, but occasionally, shouldn’t we show up for ourselves and just say “Yes”?

This is our one life.

Be Bold. Love Your Life!


Brandon R. Cabaniss, CFP ®

Private Wealth Manager