For the past several weeks, I’ve been up in the middle of the night, feeding my infant son Theodore. I’m not complaining. My wife handles all other feedings (and most everything else for that matter).

But, the other night, I was thinking about renovation plans for our house, future vacations, school for the kids, and more. This is what happens when you’re dreaming. Or awake at 2am, but feel like you’re dreaming.

I started pricing things out in my head. How much would it cost if we added a garage? How about one with a bedroom above? Wouldn’t it be great to have a swimming pool? What would be the annual maintenance cost? What, how much? Hmmm, okay, scratch off the pool idea!

Where would be a fun place to visit for two weeks or more? How much will preschool cost for our daughter?

On and on I went, racking up big bills in my head. It’s a good thing the credit card company can’t place a card reader in my head! Point is, this is a great exercise to work through. You have an open palette so you’re free to be bold. And, you know how much my colleagues and I believe in that!  In fact, we enjoy helping clients lay out these financial decisions so they can make the most of their lives.

You see, that’s financial planning. It’s not some vague, boring, wonky exercise. It’s you and your dreams, laid out on paper. You get to choose your own adventure. It can be one of the most exciting conversations of your life! And, don’t forget the opportunity cost of not talking it out.

So, be bold, love your life and lay out your dreams–preferably after a good night’s rest, when you’re lucid.

I guess I’m going to need a couple more months, right Theodore?

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