Mike Giordano, CFP®

The relaxing vibes of summer are here so let’s take a break from the markets and focus on ways to better connect your money with your meaning.  

What good is saving and investing if it doesn’t lead to more joy and happiness in your life?

I love summer because it represents chances to let the mind wander. To shift focus. To see life from new perspectives.  A relaxing vacation can bring about this change. Or a good walk. Or simply a few extra minutes of sipping that morning coffee.  Mostly, you just need a little down time to let your mind fully open. A little stillness to better feel life.

Once you’re there, you’re open to all kinds of amazing experiences. I was lying in the grass the other day, looking up at the sky. I was in wonder of the clouds.  How they join together, then break apart. One will wander off, then disappear. Some are moving fast. Others barely move at all. There’s a really cool dance happening up there if only you take the time to watch.  It took me 44 years to find the time and the inclination.

That sense of wonder goes well beyond nature. When your mind is not pinging back and forth, racing to get to the next thought, you’re open to simple conversations with the people around you—in the neighborhood, the grocery store, the airplane. Yes, even the airplane. Each of them has something unique happening in their life that can influence yours if you’re open. I’m struck by how often the simplest conversations of the day—the small talk—can lead to some of the most impactful. These unplanned exchanges are real blessings.

All these ordinary experiences can be romantic. They can bring joy into your life and alter your perspective. That new vantage point can spark new ideas about your future. New goals with more profound meaning for your life. Life is a journey of learning. Learning about other people, other ideas. But also better learning about yourself. What it is that makes you feel fulfilled? As we age and experience new things, it’s only natural that some of it reshapes us.

So, I hope this is a summer filled with memories and experiences that help shape the next chapter of your life.

A life filled with romantic experiences lurking around every corner of every day.

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