Transitioning Through Divorce

One of the most common and most difficult shifts in life is divorce. Divorce is an incredibly emotional and often expensive process that requires major life adjustments. Finding the right support and a trusted team of advisors to guide and help you is paramount.

Bold and Beautiful Choices

This human experience is simply a series of choices. Some bold and tactical and some beautiful and instinctual.

Do More Of That

That is my phrase for 2024 “Do more of that!” And by “that” I mean what feels good, what is working. In order to know what feels good and what is working, you have to notice.

Book Review on “The Psychology of Money” By Morgan Housel

You can be extremely smart and have a hard time learning new behaviors. In this book, Morgan Housel tells stories to help us rethink how we interact around finance, 19 of them. It is important to know our own money story as it heavily influences our behaviors around money.

More Things I Learned Through Yoga – Be Curious

When it comes to our finances, we usually take action in response to life happenings and experiences. We have a bill to pay. We change jobs. We move to a new location. Life is in constant motion. It is happening to us, right? What if we are proactive with our planning instead.

Avoidance & What To Do With It

For clients to sit down with us and work toward their financial goals, they must be motivated. We all have different levels of knowledge about finance. We have varying backgrounds that allowed or disallowed open discussion about financial issues. My goal is to create an environment of trust and open dialogue, help educate and build knowledge around personal finance and help break the chain of avoidance.