Investing in Markets at Record Highs

The markets are at all-time highs after a breathtaking 3-month run. So, what to do now? That’s the focus of this week’s segment of Mike on the Money on WYFF News 4.

Confirmation Week

The soft landing narrative seems to be Wall Street’s consensus. This week, we’ll look at a plethora of data for confirmation.

Why is the Market Surging?

Why is the market surging as the economy seems to be slowing? Let’s tackle what it may mean for you and your money. Catch this week’s segment of Mike on the Money on WYFF News 4.

The New Teflon Don

The U.S. economy reaccelerating? Plus, how to make financial decisions as rates spike.

The Market’s Just Fine. Nothing to See Here.

If you’re like us and you read a lot of news and economic commentary and equity research and bond market commentary and you thought really, really hard — that would definitely not have told you what was going to happen over the past year and a half!

Banks, Interest Rates & Bonds

If you didn’t know better, you’d think the US Treasury bond was sucking all the oxygen out of the room. A couple of banks have failed, in part because the US treasury pays more interest on short term notes than banks can afford to pay on deposits. Some banks have seen deposits move out very quickly and have gone from being (almost) adequately capitalized to Out of Business in the course of a few weeks.

Market, Banks & Misc

This market continues to defy prognostication. For about 5 quarters now, the financial industry has been saying: no recession, nothing to see here! OR: OMG it’s an economic maelstrom!

SVB & Then Some

Earlier in the week we sent you some perspective on the Silicon Valley Bank failure. This a follow up to that piece to speculate about the direction for interest rates and the economy, the odds we’ll see other bank failures and the prospects for the markets.